DOMP (Diploma of Online Multitasking Process) With the advancement in the field of internet, need to fully operate the on-line presence and manage on-line activities emerged. There is bright field of internet marketing that can be explored and brilliant future can be made. DOMP provides to with all the essential expertise to run and manage on-line presence. Also there are n number of fields that are now directly in need of skilled DOMP professionals that can easily and efficiently handle the on-line presence.
Further with the increase in internet use among every common citizens governments are now working to employee persons who could manage the on-line standing of the various departments. Some of the major fields that employee the DOMP experts are:-

Private Organization

Each and every organization now employee internet marketing experts as the member of their management and core relationship team With almost a large background on providing internet marketing experts to the market, Diploma with DOMP gives and initial advantage of breaking the ice of starting employment in the field. With the digitalization of each and every daily transactions of organization, employment of DOMP expert has become crucial.

Government Organization

These days nearly each and every organization is going on-line, so there emerged a possibilities of employing a person who could easily and efficiently handle the update profiles, portals and can draft the various possibilities of up-gradation of on-line portals. Since is a crucial job, so government has now started experts of this domain on payroll to various departments and obviously experts with DOMP certification are the first choice.

Digital India

Indian government has started a new initiative to digitalize India. Hence forth when this project will be launched on ground level there will be great demand for Internet experts who could help Indian Citizens achieve the goal of digital India by impartation hem knowledge of Internet so that they can directly access the government policies. So all the people who will be trained by that time they will get benefited.

Leading your own business:

For small scale business owner/resellers/starter businessman maintaining the cost of advertising in limit is crucial task. As the cost of hiring a company or freelancer does effects the budget of the business and all the business leads are generated online by various methods, going for DOMP certification is a good option.


Also if one can handle clients on his own or if he do not wishes to work for and organization, he can easily work as a freelancer. The bright side of working as a freelancer is that there is no limit of how much you can earn. It all depends upon your caliber an efficiency.